Mystery Shot Drinking Game
// WINTER 2019
Shot In The Dark is a packaging + branding project that aims to bring fun, daring, and adventurous people together over a fun and thrilling twist on traditional drinking. The idea originated with the theory of benign masochism which is that people actually enjoy and even crave short bursts of thrill, fear, and discomfort throughout their daily lives. This project is for the free-spirited thrill-seekers of the world who like to live their lives to the fullest.
Shot In The Dark is a four pack of individually packaged vodka shots infused with 4 different mystery flavors. Some flavors are meant to be sweet and flavorful while others can be extremely spicy. The catch is nobody actually knows which flavor they are about to drink. All your friends take the shot at the same exact time and, well, may the odds be ever in your flavor.
The package and overall brand identity was actually inspired through my love of sharing drinks with friends over board games. I designed the packaging to fold open flat with the box and game rules + flavors still standing upright to be quick and easy and intended to sit in the middle of the table nicely. As brand collateral partnering with local bars and pubs to put on Shot In The Dark nights as well as selling apparel would be good sources of revenue and exposure. Lastly, as committed Shot In The Dark is to having a good time, we are equally committed to drinking responsibly. Through a partnership with Lyft, each package of Shot In The Dark sold will include one safe ride home on us.

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