TEDx Event
// FALL 2018
Fully Charged was a fictitious TEDx event themed around clean energy and the innovative technologies that are not only leading the industry, but the future. With headliners such as Elon Musk and Yves Behar I wanted to design the deliverables to really feel futuristic and clean. For the wordmark my goal was to go with something that truly felt "charged up" and unique. My overall goal for the attitude of the event was to design something that felt almost exclusive. The type of person who would attend Fully Charged would be someone who keeps up with trends in technology and also cares about our plant and the future of its health and overall wellbeing. This person is generally going to be a younger adult ages 21- 40 or so. For the deliverables I created an evite, a save the date, a flyer, and welcome banner you would see at the event as well as a complementary bag to carry around all your free swag.

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